Presentations available: Webinar Experiences and Perspectives for Garbage Trucks on Hydrogen (March 30th 2021)

March 30th 2021
There is an increasing need for zero emission refuse trucks to comply with upcoming access restrictions imposed by cities as part of air pollution reduction strategies. Garbage trucks on hydrogen are a promising solution to meet these challenge.
Follow this webinar to get an insight on the experiences and results of the two hydrogen trucks demonstrated within the Life'N Grab Hy! project and learn more about the advantages, challenges and perspectives for hydrogen trucks in the near future.
With presentations of WaterstofNet, E-trucks Europe, Baetsen, Cure, Hector, Revive and Easme.

Garbage truck demonstrated in Hürth, near Cologne

On the 15th of January, the first 'external' demonstration of the garbage truck of the LIFE'N Grab HY! projects started in Hürth, near Cologne.

In the presence of the Mayor of the Stadt Hürth, WaterstofNet and E-Trucks Europe and Baetsen (owner of the truck) transferred the key of the vehicle was to the Stadtwerke Hürth. 

Stadtwerke Hürth will test and demonstrate the truck - built by E-trucks Europe - in the whole municapality of Hürth, which is one of the directly neighboring cities to the south of Cologne (with 61 000 inhabitants).

It will use the vehicle, in daily operation, for 2 weeks and will gain experience in driving a hydrogen garbage truck with low noise and zero-emissions. The truck will refuel at the hydrogen refueling station located on the "Industriepark Knapsack". 

After the demonstration - organised by WaterstofNet - the achievements and the impact at this site will be shared at a workshop.

Three pioneering projects for zero-emission refuse collection sign letter of cooperation

Lommel (Belgium), 6th of December

Last Friday, an important step forward was made in the world of zero-emission refuse collection on hydrogen.

The three hydrogen projects working on demonstrating and commercialising hydrogen refuse collection vehicles, LIFE 'N Grab HY! (funded by the LIFE programme), REVIVE (funded by the FCH-JU) and HECTOR (funded by the Interreg North West Europe programme) signed a letter of cooperation. This was done during a workshop of the REVIVE-project at E-Trucks Europe in Lommel (BE) in the company of several interested stakeholders from all over Europe.

Monitoring Mission LIFE 'N Grab HY!

On the 18th of November, Neemo visited the LIFE 'N Grab HY!-project for the yearly monitoring meeting.

During this meeting the project status was presented as well as the learnings and also the issues encountered in the last 1,5 years of the project.

The affiliated partners all presented their status and learnings that were made with the operation of these new hydrogen electric hybrid vehicles in the daily operation. In the afternoon all the financials and regulatory topics were discussed.


LIFE 'N Grab HY! presented at the WaterstofNet 10 year anniversary conference in 's-Hertogenbosch!

The Life 'N Grab HY! project was presented by André Beukers of E-trucks Europe in front of an audience of 350 people that visited the WaterstofNet Conference.

Associated partner E-Trucks also showed the first video of the vehicle in operation at Baetsen in Best.

You can watch the video here

Life 'N Grab HY!-project represented at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini Italy

On the 7th of  November, the LIFE 'N Grab HY! project showcased the project and informed participants about hydrogen hybrid electric waste collection trucks. The trucks - financed by the EASME-LIFE programme- are the EU first developed and fully homologated trucks that  are operating in regular service.

The ecomondo fair, is the leading event in Europe for the new models of circular economy. It is an international exhibition with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform, ranging from material and energy recovery to sustainable development. 

We thank EASME and the LIFE programme to be selected to inform the participants of this fair about our porject and to explain the benefits of the hydrogen technology to move to a cleaner and more silent environment.

The Life'N Grab Hy! trucks (Europe's first hydrogen-powered garbage trucks) proudly presented in Brabant (Nl)

Today, april 11th, the trucks of the Life project 'Life ‘N Grab Hy!’ are proudly presented in Brabant (Nl) by the partners of the project.

Baetsen Group (Nl) and Cure Afvalbeheer (Nl) will be collecting garbage with a hydrogen-powered collection vehicle in the Eindhoven region. On april 11th the trucks were officially inaugurated in the presence of the aldermen for sustainability of the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area.

This demonstration is the first in a series of 10 demonstrations in European cities. Baetsen-Groep and Cure waste management invested in these innovative and zero-emission vehicles. The vehicles were built by E-trucks Europe (BE), with support of Hydrogenics.

The trucks are Europe’s first garbage trucks on hydrogen with licence plate.The presentation of the trucks is a new milestone in the Life ‘N Grab Hy project!

Refuse truck Baetsen completed, operational testing ongoing

The build of the Baetsen truck is completed and the operational testing is ongoing.

On the 22nd of October, this truck was fuelled for the first time at the WaterstofNet refuelling station.

A full tank took 15 minutes to fill. The build of the Cure truck is also almost completed and the vehicle will be update with the gathered data from the test cycles, performed by the Baetsen truck.  

The next and final step for the full homologation, to receive a EU-aproval for a license plate, is an EMC test.

This test is planned for December. After the test has been passed, both vehicles will receive their license-plates and are ready for operation at both end-users.

Succesful monitoring visit to the LIFE ‘N Grab HY!-project

On the 6th and 7th of June the LIFE ‘N Grab HY! consortium welcomed EASME and the NEEMO project monitor for their monitoring visit. During these 2 days all partners were present and the end-users locations were visited.

The project team presented the progress of the project and showcased one of the working trucks.
One of the project’s achievements is the growing demand for these trucks, hence the partner E-Trucks Europe will enlarge its production facilities to cope with the large amount of orders.

The group also visited one of the adapted workshops, to safely work on hydrogen vehicles.

The project is now awaiting the homologation process to receive the licenseplates.

First 2 heavy duty workshops adapted to hydrogen

Another milestone of the project has been reached: The workshops of Baetsen in Veldhoven and the maintenance facility of the DAF dealer “De Burgh” in Eindhoven are adapted to work on heavy duty hydrogen vehicles.

These are the first heavy duty workshops adapted to hydrogen in the Netherlands. The adaptations are part of the ‘Life and Grab Hy project’, financed by the EU Life programme.

After a close collaboration (on the necessary adaptations and procedures) with the fire department and after receiving the environmental permit, the physical adaptations were executed. Everything went smoothly.