Demonstrations at 10 locations in Europe

In its initial stage, the garbage trucks will be operational through Cure Afvalbeheer (Eindhoven) and Baetsen Groep (Veldhoven).

After one year of service, they will be demonstrated on 10 different locations in Europe (see map). The main goal will be to convince the partners involved, that hydrogen is a viable solution for the future of transport. The trucks will be operational for a period of two to three weeks on the locations indicated on the map (in which a hydrogen refuelling station is already in place). All parties involved will be duly informed: such as waste collection providers, municipalities, technology providers and other entities concerned. This way, 10 European cities will get hands-on information and experience in operating hydrogen-electric garbage trucks.

Phase 1 (yellow)

  •        Eindhoven 
  •        Veldhoven

Phase 2 (green)

  •        Cologne
  •        Antwerp 
  • ​       Rotterdam

Phase 3 (red)

  •        Aberdeen
  •        Bolzano * 
  •        Merano *
  •        Bruneco *
  •        Düsseldorf/Herten

Additional interested locations:

  •        Seville
  •        Oslo
  •        Copenhagen

*Possible synergy by combining one abroad demonstration in 3 neighbouring cities in Italy


Interested in demonstrating a garbage truck in your city? Please contact Stefan Neis, WaterstofNet :