Life 'N Grab HY! truck displayed at the Eco-Mobiel exhibition (10-12 October 2017)

The Baetsen hydrogen hybrid garbage truck, realised within the Life 'N Grab HY! project, is put on display at the Dutch Eco-Mobiel exhibition (10-12 October 2017). 

This yearly exhibition is visited by about 15.000 vistitors. Ecomobiel has grown to become the biggest platform for sustainable mobility and mobility management and the following topics are to be found in the exhibition:

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First Life N' Grab HY! truck electrically ready

October 6th the first truck, realised within the LIFE 'N Grab HY! project, made it's first meters outside the workshop. During the last weekd, the first building step for the Baetsen truck, a Daf CF EURO 6 truck converted to a hydrogen-hybrid truck by the consortium member E-Trucks Europe, has been completed. The truck is now electrically ready and awaiting the hydrogen storage tank and the integration of the Fuel Cell. After these hydrogen components have been installed, first system tests will be performed, before the vehicle will be presented to the "Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency" part of the "Department for Transportation (RDW), to receive the official approval and a license plate. 

3 additional Letters of cooperation signed

In the last weeks 3 additional Letters of Cooperation have been signed between the LIFE 'N Grab-HY! project and Abengoa Innvación from City of Seville, the Interreg North Sea regions' HyTrEc 2 project with the municipality of Groningen and the City of Copenhagen. The project consortium is working together with these organisations and cities to share knowledge, experiences and preliminary results on the new hydrogen electric trucks, as well as looking for oppertunities and the actual implementation for a defined demonstration period of one of the Life refuse collection vehicles in their Cities.  


Batterycells have arrived, construction of batterypacks started.

Just before Easter E-Trucks Europe received a very important shipment.
The batterry cells were delivered, marking the start of the batterypack assembly for the LIFE 'N Grab HY! refuse collection vehicles.
92 individual cells will be integrated into a batterypack, each vehicle will receive 2 batterypacks, bringing the total to 184 cells/vehicle.

After the assembly the batteries will be tested before installation in the trucks.

Life ‘N Grab Hy! project presented at Hydrogen Transport Summit during the Hydrogen week in Aberdeen (16/3/2017)

During the UK Hydrogen Week, Stefan Neis (WaterstofNet -- coordinator of Life ‘N Grab-HY!) presented the project at the Hydrogen Transport Summit in Aberdeen.

A lot of interest was shown for the project concerned about “clean air, clean cities”. More and more European cities are closing their centres for diesel and fossil fuel vehicles, to reduces greenhouse gasses (GHG) and particulate matter.

Different stakeholders, present at the Summit, informed about the conditions and possibilities for being a demonstration site.

2nd Life ‘N Grab HY! Monitoring Meeting at E-Trucks in Lommel (Belgium) (9/3/2017)

In this 2nd monitoring meeting, the project consortium updated the LIFE project Monitor on the project status, the financial status and the progress on the build of the trucks. The project is at speed and all partners are working on a swift implementation of the vehicles.

The project consortium visited the E-Trucks workshop, where both vehicles are being converted at the moment, and was able to see the progress. Both vehicles are planned to be operational and ready for daily service in the Eindhoven area (NL) in June 2017.

In-person meetings with some phase 2 and phase 3 cities have already been organised and plans are made for operations throughout Europe.  

WaterstofNet visits H2 South Tyrol to discuss the Life N' Grab HY! demonstration of refuse collection vehicle in Bolzano

On the 28th of February WaterstofNet met the people from H2 South Tyrol and the local refuse collection company to discuss the demonstration of the projects' refuse collection vehicles in the City of Bolzano (Northern Italy). The city of Bolzano is very commited in reducing greenhouse gases, cleaning the air in the city and its' surrounding area and protecting the environment. 

Bolzano is located in the Unesco world heritage region of the Dolomites and therefore very engaged in new technologies and zero emmission mobility. H2 South Tyrol is a local organisation focussed on hydrogen and realised a hydrogen fuelingstation. This makes it, beside the large interest of the municipality, an ideal test location for the refuse collection vehicle and to measure the effects of zero emmission refuse collection is a mountainess area.